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My experience at Droptone studio has been nothing short of rewarding. As an artist, it is important to know that the producer you work with understands your vision and has your best interest at heart. My sessions with Stephen Helvig have contributed to my growth as an artist vocally and lyrically. Really glad I found him during my studio search. I'll recommend Stephen to any artist looking for that high quality, radio play sound.

- Snoti Jappah

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Music Player


Singer songwriters, dance floors, and MCs. Various styles from Helvig Productions' portfolio.


From reggae to folk, rock to pop. Various styles from David Kellogg's portfolio.

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"Working at Droptone was the right choice for us. Stephen and David made themselves invested in our album as much as we were. They became part of our family, celebrating our wins, commiserating in our challenges, guiding us when we needed it and stepping aside when we didn’t. The room is a comfortable and relaxing place to work and sounds amazing – our acoustic instruments sounded alive in that space. We learned a lot in those sessions..."

-Leslie Rich Hounds of Finn


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Stephen Helvig
Producer | Composer | Engineer
Helvig Productions
Stephen Helvig of Helvig Productions music producer
David Kellogg
Producer | Composer | Engineer
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Fully equipped with high-calibre outboard gear, mics...

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Production & Composition

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We care about the quality and integrity of your music. We aim for the highest possible standard set in your recording plan. Our costs are transparent, you can pause at anytime and set your own pace. You can record...

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