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Danielle Gassmann

Dancer and model, Dani Gassmann has just released her single, “Can’t Take It Anymore.”

Dani came to Droptone with a notebook full of lyrics and a few melodies in her head, but wasn’t sure where to start with her first song.  After talking about a stylistic direction, Dani and I dug in and started getting creative.
Before we knew it, we had a rough sketch of a song.  We met again soon after and continued to mold the tune into something better and better.  Once we were both satisfied with the chord progression, melody, and lyrics, I got to work on the music.

I started with a piano-only version of the song.  This gave Dani something to practice with for a few weeks.  During that time, I experimented with drums, piano, bass, and guitar.  After deciding on tempo and key, I started recording all the elements.  Once my parts were in, I asked my partner in crime, David Kellogg, to play additional guitars on the track.  Dave added an amazing dynamic to the song and we were ready to add Dani.

Dani’s first vocal session on the mic was painless.  She has great natural ability and is quickly developing her vocal skill.  After Dani’s vocal was added, I sung a supportive harmony and finished the mix.  Greg Reierson polished the track with a great mastering job at his studio, Rare Form Mastering.

Listen to Can’t Take It Anymore below:

released 08 August 2012
Music by Stephen Helvig & Danielle Gassmann
Recorded, Mixed, and Produced By Stephen Helvig