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Bella Pistola – The Western Road

If you haven’t had the pleasure of getting acquainted with Bella Pistola’s mix of alternative, punk, and classic rock, please sit back, tighten your seat-belts, and begin the streaming now.
Andrew, Karl, and Jon came to Droptone last winter to start work on their EP. They had everything worked out arrangement-wise and a strong creative vision for each song. David and I worked at capturing a sound that sat somewhere in-between raw and roomy, yet focused and polished enough to feature Andrew and Karl’s melodic vocals and interesting textures. The recording process was quick, only a couple days were needed to lay down the tracks.
We started with drums as usual, Jon used his own DW kit that he had tuned, tweaked, and ready to slam. Andrew and Karl played along to make sure the vibe stayed right. After the drums were captured, we analyzed the bass and guitar tracks and recorded over-dubs where necessary. We recorded multiple bass tracks to accommodate both a clean and affected signal so we always had the best of both worlds. Andrew uses a great fuzzy tone on nearly every track and we wanted to capture that without losing the options of a solid, round, low end. The guys also did some of their own recordings off-site to incorporate additional instrumentation and then we wrapped up with some mixing. They mastered “The Western Road” with Todd Fitzgerald at Winterland Studio.

released 13 June 2013
Recorded and mixed by Stephen Helvig and David Kellogg at Droptone Studio. Mastered by Todd Fitzgerald at Winterland Studios.

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