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Last summer I had the sincere pleasure of working with singer/songwriter Ariel Strasser. A recent graduate of The Boston Conservatory, Ari is an up-and-coming artist from St. Paul, Minnesota. Ari is deeply rooted in music. Her father, Tamás Strasser, is a violist in the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, her mother, Anne Strasser, is a violinist and manager of Crocus Hill Trio, and her step-father, Peter Douglas, teaches Bassoon at the University of St. Thomas and played professionally in the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra. It’s no surprise that Ari has developed a talent for singing and writing that is catching the attention of many.
With an honest voice and a unique pen, Ari crafted 4 songs here at Droptone. With the help of her parents and friends, Ari’s songs are decorated with varying textures. Ari played piano on all the songs, but we added a string quartet, drums, and various percussion to Good Night, Rounds, and The Void.
We started the recording process with some scratch tracks Ari recorded at home. We then recorded drums with Scott Horey and percussion with Fernando Meza, the director of percussion at the University of Minnesota. Once the rhythm section was done, we set the room up for a string quartet, consisting of Anne Strasser (Violin – Crocus Hill Trio), Julia Persitz (Violin – MN SinfoniaMN Opera), Tamás Strasser (Viola – Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra), and Julia Morehouse (Cello – Duluth Superior Symphony). We had quite a room full of talent that day.

Day 2 consisted of tracking all the piano parts and starting on vocals. Day 3 was wrapping up vocals and mixing the songs. I couldn’t be happier with the experience of working with Ari and the end result. Take a listen and you’ll hear the delicate nature and the warmth that emanates from each note. I hope you enjoy.

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Music, Lyrics, and Arrangements by Ariel Strasser
Piano/Vocals – Ariel Strasser
Drums – Scotty Horey
Percussion – Fernando Meza
Violin – Anne Strasser
Violin – Julia Persitz
Viola – Tamás Strasser
Cello – Julia Morehouse
Producer/Engineer – Stephen Helvig